• Please Call Ahead To Schedule A Drop-Off (405) 618 4444
  • 401 NE 139TH Street #18 EDMOND, Oklahoma 73013

Recycle Responsibly

Low and No Cost Local Electronics Recycling for Individuals, Businesses, Government & Other Organizations

  • Domestic Refining

    By working with domestic refineries, we both lessen the environmental impact as well as ensure that sorted materials are processed properly within the US.

  • Data Security

    The security of your data is our top priority, regardless of whether your equipment is being refurbished or dismantled for refining.

  • Minimal Cost

    We accept drop offs and offer pick up service for most materials at zero cost without hassle for most items. Those items that require a disposal fee are listed here.

Please Call 405-618-4444 To Schedule A Pickup or Dropoff.

Any Items Left After Hours or Without Permission Will Be Reported as Illegal Dumping.

Items We Do & Do Not Accept
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