• Please Call Ahead To Schedule A Drop-Off (405) 618 4444
  • 401 NE 139TH Street #18 EDMOND, Oklahoma 73013

Accepted Materials

Desktop & Laptop Computers

Printers (Currently NOT Accepting Large Photocopiers)

Flat Panel Displays (Currently NOT Accepting Screens over 32")

Computer Peripherals

Telecom & Network Gear

Fax Machines

Power Strips/Surge Protectors

Small Appliances

Electronic Motors

Battery Backups

Cables and Extension Cords

Christmas Lights

Circuit Boards

Automotive Electronics

Lithium & Lead Acid Batteries/Battery Packs

Mobile & Corded Telephones

Forbidden Materials


CRT Glass Tube Monitors/Televisions

Rear Projection Televisions

Televisions/Monitors over 32"

NiMH or NiCad/NiCd Batteries

Liquid-Filled Transformers & Rectifiers

Broken Glass


Shattered Tube Displays

Fluorescent Bulbs

Electronics Containing PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyl)

Construction Waste


Chemical Waste


Appliances Containing Refrigerants


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